iPhone/iPad Compatibility WORUS Bundle

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Bundle includes both the required Lightning to HDMI adapter & HDMI to mini HDMI cable

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The adapter is REQUIRED to output iPhone / iPad display on the WORUS due to Apple’s built-in limitations on display output. We highly recommend buying this add-on from WORUS for iPhone / iPad users as our adapter is fully licensed and registered with Apple’s MFi program to ensure compatibility.

Bundle includes both the required Lightning to HDMI adapter & HDMI to mini HDMI cable to connect your WORUS with your Apple device immediately.

Save $10 USD (15% Off) by buying the bundle!

Learn more about the products in the bundle below:

Apple MFi Certified iPhone / iPad Lightning to HDMI Adapter

Seamlessly connect your iPhone or iPad to WORUS via the HDMI port with this Lightning port adapter. This is a split cable, allowing you to connect a USB A compatible device and a lightning compatible device to an HDMI port. Perfect for gaming, streaming videos, calling, and fast-charging, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Apple device on WORUS.

This adapter is compatible with all iPhones after (and including) iPhone 5, as well as iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPod.

Split cable; Lightning to HDMI
Fast charging and data transmission
Universally connects Apple devices to WORUS, HDTVs, cameras, or any HDMI-supported device
Compatible with iPhone 5 and up, iPad, and iPod
Durable cable

HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable

WORUS’s input port is mini-HDMI, NOT standard HDMI. This adapter is highly recommended to allow you to connect your standard HDMI output devices.

Convert HDMI to mini HDMI and connect to WORUS with this high-performance converter. Enjoy crystal-clear sound and 4K video with a bandwidth up to 18 Gbps. This adapter also supports ethernet, 3D, and audio return without the need for additional cables. Ultra-fast data transfer ensures the clearest visuals and zero lag while streaming and gaming as well as the most impressive images and audio for presentations.

The durable cable is reinforced to prevent creasing and cracking, and it is universally compatible with all operating systems and devices.

Converts mini HDMI to HDMI; Type A to C
4K video and HD audio streaming
Durable, long-lasting cable
Universal compatibility—Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, HDTVs, digital cameras, etc.